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Cooked and cured meats from the French and Italian Alps

All of our cooked and cured meat is supplied by traditional pork butchers from the Savoy region.  We provide many different types of traditionally cooked and cured meat from the whole Savoy region.  French alpine tradition is inextricably linked to that of Italy, which is why we also import Italian cooked and cured meat.

Cured meat

  • Saucisson sec - 170 g, 180 g, 350 g, 400 g (tied), 450 g, 1 kg...
  • Plain, smoked, hazelnut, Beaufort, walnut, génépi, blueberry, chanterelle or cèpe mushroom, donkey, deer or wild boar meat, goat's cheese, tartiflette, herb or pepper covered, herb, fig, low-fat
  • Cured ham - Whole, half, quarter or 1/6
  • Plain or smoked, on or off the bone
  • Nuts Ham
  • Plain or smoked
  • Bûchettes / sarmants (thin dried sausages)
  • Grelots
  • Dried Filets mignons
  • Plain or smoked
  • Viande séchée des Alpes (dried beef from Alps)
  • Grison air died beef
  • Coppa
  • Pancetta

Savoy Specialities

  • Diots – Loose: 4, 10, or 18Plain or smoked
  • Pormoniers
  • Cabbage sausages
  • Diots secs

Sliced Cured Ham

  • Jambon sec de Savoie, Plain or smoked saucisson, raclette platter, rosette, mortadelle, coppa, viande des grisons...

Cooked Ham

  • 180g glass terrine
  • Country, forest, cèpe mushrooms, Beaufort, Génépi, wild garlic, Mont-Corbier, Marc de Savoie, hazelnut, walnut, chestnut, old style, Gamay, wild boar, ham...
  • Cooked ham
  • Cooked pork belly / bacon
  • Terrines 3 kg
  • Cèpe mushroom, country, old style
  • Italian Cooked and Cured Meat

Italien cured ham

  • Parma ham
  • Ham cooked with herbs or truffles
  • Coppa
  • Pancetta
  • Speck


  • Diot, chipolata and merguez kebabs.

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Terrines 180g et 100g

Jambon sans os fumé

Diot fumé

Diots natures / Pormoniers

Noix de jambon fumée

Saucisson aux myrtilles

1/2 jambon d'exception MANGALITZA

Saucisson bridé

Quart de jambon de Savoie

Saucissons en séchoir

Diots CLEAN LABEL natures

Saucissons 180 g en séchoir

Rillettes Pur Porc

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