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Crozets, soup, ready meals, bricelets.

Crozets, bricelets and cooked diots.  The taste of the Savoy region.  Authentic, traditional recipes.

Crozets – loose or in 400 g boxes.
Wheat or buckwheat, cèpe, trompette de mort or girolle mushrooms, cheese, chestnut, hazelnut, walnut

Beaufort, Abondance, cumin...

Ready meals in jars
Potée savoyarde, diots cuisinés (white wine and tomato), diots-polenta, diots-crozets

Soup in glass bottles

Walnut or hazelnut oil traditionally made in a Savoy water-mill.

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Sel à l'ail des ours - Ail des ours déshydraté

Olivade et Tartinable

Les Zapéros au reblochon

Crozets aux cèpes

Crozets au blé


Rillettes Pur Porc

Diots cuisinés à la tomate

Soupe d'Orties - Soupe Paysanne

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