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Our selection of honey, jam and biscuits made in the Alps.

Fragrant honey, jam traditionally cooked in copper cauldrons and traditional biscuits.  Here is our selection of the very best typically alpine sweet products.

Organic Savoy honey
All flowers, mountain, linden or chestnut

Traditional Savoy jam, cooked in copper cauldrons (120 g, 230 g & 375 g)
Blueberry, rosehip, raspberry, vine peach, Williams pear, blackberry, fig, strawberry (with many other flavours available on request).

Gelées de Savoie (jelly marmalades)
Génépi, pine bud, dendelion, edelweiss ...

Confiture de lait, noix ou noisettes (milk, hazelnut or walnut paste)

Lemon or orange

Blueberry, raspberry or plain

Blueberry or chocolate chip

Fine almond or raspberry biscuits

Various sweet spreads

Savoy roasted coffee

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Items may differ from photographs.  Serving suggestion.


Meringues et biscuits

Préparation pour vin chaud "Mon vin chaud maison"

Vigne rouge 30 g - Thé vert au Jasmin 100 g

Tisane Relaxation 30 g - Tisane Versant Sud 40 g

Meringues aux myrtilles

Chocolat en tablette

Confiture artisanale de myrtilles

Confiture de myrtille - 3,5 kg

Miel d'acacia - Miel de montagne

Miel de fleurs

Confiture 360 g

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